Equipment & Furniture Management and Integration Solutions

We deliver project, technical and process solutions to help Builders, Designers and Users realize their furniture and equipment goals

Mission & Values

EQLite helps projects and organizations successfully implement and manage the equipment and furniture scope in healthcare, educational, institutional, commercial and scientific projects.
We see equipment services as tools to an end. We are a partner in your Project and remain flexible to adjust the approach to suit what works best.
Our approach embraces the synergy between technology and knowledge to provide enhanced customer experience and service quality. We acquire and develop technical capabilities in-house: drafting, sketching, PDF editing and mark-up.
We understand the impact of equipment and furniture in your operations and strive to provide innovative and thoughtful solutions to achieve your goals.

What sets Us apart

EQLite is in constant evolution, learning and searching for better tools and ways to deliver great results.
We provide services under various contract modalities (PPP,  Alliance, Design-Build, Construction Management), and can represent the Owner, Project Developer, and Contractor sides. We align with the project model: governmental, private and hybrid.
We have extensive experience in large-scale projects within the Canadian construction environment and complex stakeholder collaboration networks.
Our equipment knowledge base feeds from project experience and productive relationships with the vendor community,   proactively monitoring new equipment technology.

Equipment & Furniture Services

Project Services

Implement and Integrate...​

We specialize in healthcare, educational, scientific, institutional and architecturally-significant equipment and furniture in small to large-scale projects. Our services cover technical & functional consultation, planning, estimating, scope delineation, coordination, compliance reviews, procurement, and field services.

Bring clarity to what matters..

In support of your ongoing processes, EQLite can provide sketches, diagrams and reports to enhance User engagement and online & remote collaboration, enabling more effective reviews and coordination of equipment and furniture. We assist by representing existing information in line with your audience’s expectations.

Technical Assistance

Process Improvement

Optimize your resources...

If the current equipment process is not delivering the expected results, we can work with your team and external stakeholders to validate objectives, identify root causes for recurring issues, revisit roles & responsibilities, and provide recommendations for improvement.
We are glad to discuss your needs.

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