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Process Improvement

A mix of both internal and external reasons may hinder the ability of teams to achieve the expected results for equipment in your project or organization.


EQLite can provide insights, root cause analysis and recommendations to improve the current equipment process.

Process Improvement

What We do

EQLite engages with your team in bringing solutions to your equipment operations at project or corporate levels.

We analyze current issues, processes and team responsibilities, and provide recommendations to overcome the challenges and realize your equipment goals.

How We do it

We work with your team and review your project / corporate documents to clearly determine the mandate for equipment as well as the current status and processes. We obtain relevant data from your operations, and complete the analysis. We identify root causes and propose improvement measures tied to measurable objectives. We continue working with you during the implementation phase to monitor progress and adjust the improvement measures accordingly.


- Equipment mandate.
- Key metrics.
- Current issues, processes and responsibilities.
- Root cause analysis.
- Recommendations and implementation objectives.
- Progress reports.

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